Physically Closed but Virtually Open – Library Services in December

The Library has closed its physical location for Winter Break.  But you can still interact with the Library through December 21.  How can you access your virtual library services? 24/7 Chat: Use our 24/7 Chat service to ask questions and get help. JTCC Library staffs the service 8AM-6PM Monday-Thursday & 8AM-5PM Fridays through December 21. A partner librarian covers the Chat the other hours of the week. Email: We are available by email at through December 21. Curiosity Crew: Our conversation club has its final meeting of the semester Wednesday, December 16! Join a fun, interactive…continue reading →

Study Wars (better known as Exams Are Coming)

In a study room, not far away... It is a time of intense focus and strife. Blue and yellow highlighters litter the floor while mind maps, index cards, and extensive outlines are spread out before the alliance of committed students. Their long-sought objective remains paramount. Survive. After all, exams are coming. Okay, so maybe exams aren't quite as dramatic as taking out the Death-Star. But they can cause a lot of pressure to already-stressed out students. How to overcome the stress and pressure, you say? I'm so glad you asked. The library can't…continue reading →

Hygge (Hue-ga) – Making your holidays happy!

During the holidays, we often focus on others and don’t use the “break” as an actual time to rest! Understanding the concept of “hygge” can be a way for you to harness some peace and appreciation, and nourish your spirit through the hustle and bustle of one of the most beautiful (but often crazy) seasons of the year. In 2016, “Hygge” was named the word of the year by Oxford Dictionary. This Scandinavian word doesn’t directly translate to English, but is trending as a way to describe moments we love to feel during…continue reading →