Meet a Librarian: Molli Gonzalez

Molli Gonzalez is our Emerging Technologies and Reference Library here at John Tyler. Not only does she handle all online aspects of the library, she also specializes in information literacy and bibliographic instruction. She has been the perfect combination of teaching and technology at John Tyler for over eight years. Molli earned her Masters of Library Science from University of North Texas. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from VCU.   Why don’t you share a little bit about yourself? I’m a native of the tri-cities, but I’m originally from…continue reading →

Meet a Librarian: Lisa Payne

Lisa Payne has been the Open Educational Resource Librarian at John Tyler Community College since July 2017. Prior to that, Lisa has extensive experience working the library field, working in both public and school libraries. As the OER Librarian, Lisa is dedicated to providing information on free, accessible resources to students and faculty. Lisa received her Masters of Library Science at Catholic University of America, and a Bachelor of Science in Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Studies from University of North Carolina.   Why don’t you share a little bit about yourself? I was…continue reading →

Tiny Free Library – Share the Joy of Reading

  Starting Monday, November 26th, John Tyler Community College will have two Tiny Free Libraries (or TFLs). Find them outside the libraries at the Chester and Midlothian Campus. What is a free library, you ask? Think “take a penny, leave a penny,” but with books. Find your next read and it is yours to keep. If possible, bring in a book that you no longer need and share it with the community. This free library accepts any and all books. All we ask is that you try and follow a few basic rules:…continue reading →

Meet a Librarian: Suzanne Sherry

Suzanne Sherry is our new Director of Library Services at John Tyler Community College. Suzanne previously worked at JTCC Libraries as a Digital Services Specialist, and we are happy to have her back.  As a veteran to the VCCS, Suzanne brings experience in technology, web design, and instruction. Suzanne holds a Master of Library and Information Science from Florida State University and a Bachelor of the Arts in English from William & Mary.   Why don’t you share a little bit about yourself? I’m Suzanne Sherry, Library Director for John Tyler Libraries. I’ve…continue reading →