Villanelle – Shadow of the Ring

Attribution: "Dol Goldur" by Neral. CC BY 3.0 The villanelle consists of five tercets (a tercet is a grouping of 3 lines) and a quatrain (a grouping of four lines). Each line is 8-10 syllables long. The first and third lines of the first stanza become refrains that repeat throughout the poem. Here is an original villanelle by staff member Lauren Hall.   Shadow of the Ring by LT Hall The mists are fading into spring; along the meadows, caves, and streams where the moon is shrouded by the Ring. Eagles soar low…continue reading →

Acrostic Poetry – Beware the ALPACALYPSE

Most of us have seen and even built acrostics during our life. Maybe you did that with refrigerator magnet letters. Whether with magnets, lead, or keystrokes, acrostics are built by taking a single word and then using each letter in the word to build a new poetic line about that word. Sound complicated? Actually it's not! It's a fun way to start writing poetry if you've never tried before. Here's an original acrostic by library staff member Lauren Hall. Beware the ALPACALYPSE by LT Hall And I’m telling you, this isn’t the first…continue reading →

St. Patrick’s Day Origin Story…or Not

As we swing further into the spring semester, and further into March, it can be tempting to shun learning that doesn’t directly relate to classes. I promise there won’t be a test on this. Picture of cookies that have less to do with St. Patrick’s Day and more to do with consumerism. Like most holidays, St. Patrick’s Day barely resembles the original inspiration for it. The man himself was an enslaved European of unknown descent who rid the Irish of certain religious peoples. Not snakes, although that is a theory as to why…continue reading →

Paranormal Presidential Investigation

Paranormal Presidential Investigation at   Local Community College* Those who frequent the group outings to Hollywood Cemetery in search of specters will all say one thing: the grave of John Tyler is about as mundane as they come. “You would think that, for someone who died on the precipice of the war, he’d be a bit unsettled,” muses Helen, a guide with Haunts of Richmond. “But the gravesite is quiet. We’ve never gotten any readings there.” Other ghost hunters have sought out John Tyler at his Sherwood Forest plantation, conducting overnight investigations as…continue reading →

Tyler Taste Test

As we shuffle toward the end of the semester, life can get stressful. Sure, there may be fewer assignments, but they affect final grades that much more. Final projects and essays can stack up. It all may have you feeling a little... salty. We at the library cannot fix that, but we can take your mind from it for a small time. That’s right! John Tyler Community College is hosting a taste test for chips, just in time for exam season. Come into either library: Chester Campus - Moyar Hall, M216 When: Wednesday,…continue reading →