Tyler Tips: How to Library in a Pandemic Part 1

Not only has the pandemic changed our jobs, grocery stores, restaurants, gyms, and schools, the pandemic has also changed our libraries.  Social distancing means reserving space for current students only. Wearing a mask on-campus means it's sometimes uncomfortable to spend hours in the library like you used to. Libraries are essential to learning--whether educational or personal. So how can you use the library successfully through the challenges of the pandemic?   Know your allies. Your library staff is your ally to getting the most out of your library's resources. How can you connect with…continue reading →

Database Spotlight: Tumble Book Library

Databases are normally a student's source for scholarly material. But Tumble Book Library is a database devoted to children's literature. Whether your're studying Early Childhood Education or just trying to find material for your child's own studies at home, Tumble Book has something to offer. A new subscription for the library, it offers a wide variety of children's education material: Story Books: Start with picture books appropriate for various age levels. E-books: Find chapter books and early readers for children of different reading levels. One of the marquee features is a Kate DiCamillo collection, featuring the author's…continue reading →

Tyler Tips: Accessing MS Office on a Chromebook

Did you know you can access the Microsoft Office suite on your Chromebook? All current JTCC students have free access to Office 365 by using your MyTyler username and password. This access gives you the ability to log into an online version of Microsoft Office programs on many different devices including Chromebooks, while connected to the Internet. While the desktop "application" versions often have more advanced features, the online version still lets you create, edit, and save files in programs like Word, Excel, & PowerPoint. HOW TO ACCESS:   On your Chromebook, use Chrome…continue reading →

Contactless Tech & Book Loans: Prepare for Fall 2020 Now!

Did you know you can request books & technology and pick them up in a convenient, contactless way? Technology When? Monday-Friday until 30 minutes before closing (see latest Library Hours here) How? Request a device here and agree to the User Agreement. After receiving an e-mail from the library, come at your appointment time, check in verbally with staff, and pick up your device. Wearing a face mask is required as per College policy. Requests left after 1 day will be cancelled. Where? Midlothian pick-ups: Midlo Library, Hamel Hall 202 Chester pick-ups: Chester Library, Moyar 216   Books…continue reading →

Mental Health Monday: A Music Mix for Stressful Times

Time for a Mental Health Monday...on a Tuesday. As finals end, many students are breathing a sigh of relief, satisfaction, and accomplishment. But stress, whether academic or otherwise, is never far away. Whether a good stress or eustress, like moving to your first apartment or a distress like losing hours at work, the pressure of the unexpected can make coping with life hard. Finding healthy ways to react to stress will help you in times of crisis--whatever the stressor. Listening to music can help you mentally and physically deal with stress. Researchers publishing in the Public…continue reading →