Mental Health Monday: Meditation & Mindfulness, part 2

Last week, we discussed the different between meditation and mindfulness. Let's talk about how to actually act mindfully. The idea is not to empty your mind while you are practicing, it’s to become more aware of your thoughts and feelings as they arise, so that you can observe them with kindness and without judgment (“Getting Started with Mindfulness”). The goal is to learn how to live in the moment, so mindfulness can be practiced throughout the day as you carry out your day-to-day life. I’ve listed a few examples that come to mind:…continue reading →

Mental Health Monday: Meditation & Mindfulness, part 1

With the media coverage exploding on the current COVID19 crisis, social distancing, and adjusting to the changes in our class and work schedules, it’s not hard to believe that this is making a huge impact on our already hectic lives.  It is no wonder many of us find ourselves in fight or flight mode; with increased stress and anxiety, it’s hard to find the time to take a breath.  If you are like me, the first thing I want to do is run away, feeling at a loss on how to proceed.  Even…continue reading →

Soundtrack to 2020

Author’s note: Neither the author nor John Tyler Community College owns any of the songs mentioned in the following blog post. No money is being made from this post, nor is any copyright infringement intended.   At the risk of possibly making the understatement of the century, 2020 has been a year. It started off with hope and optimism for the coming months, descended into conflict and confusion, and is now approaching a cautiously optimistic end. If one didn’t know any better, 2020 would almost look like the plot of a book, only…continue reading →

Mental Health Monday: Thankfulness

For many Americans, November & December traditions revolve around feasting, sports, and reuniting with family. Perhaps yours include a parade, baking, gift-giving or a shopping tradition. Our family Christmas traditions start in November with early gift-giving. Maybe your family doesn't celebrate holidays, but still enjoys the seeing each other during rare days off.  Traditions may be different this year. But the benefits of giving thanks have not changed.  Many end-of-year holidays focus on light--the holidays of Diwali, Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice, Christmas, and Kwanzaa all intrinsically celebrate light close to year's end. These…continue reading →

Voter registration deadline extended! Voting resources from the Tyler Libraries

Tomorrow, October 15, 2020 is now the NEW deadline to vote in Virginia!  Due technicals issues Virginia has extended voter registration until October 15, 2020 was the last day to register to vote in the November election.  To register to vote in Virginia, please visit the following resources: Virginia Department of Elections: How to Register: Virginia Extends Voter Registration After Site Went Down Hours Before Deadline Washington Post Federal judge extends Virginia voter registration through Thursday Now that you're registered (or perhaps already voting!), the Tyler Libraries want to make sure you…continue reading →