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How are your coping mechanisms doing with all of this added pressure? I imagine they are stretched pretty thin. 

I’ve seen many articles trying to pinpoint what the most terrifying part of this pandemic is: the isolation, the uncertainty, the shortages, the misinformation, the helplessness, the dramatic responses from employers and others in power. 

The best thing I can do now to quell my own pulsing insecurities is to focus on facts. The CDC, WHO, and FEMA seem to have that covered on COVID-19, along with other organizations doing exhaustive work to keep us informed and as safe as possible. Instead of the physical disease, then, I want to focus on another invisible menace: mental illness. 

Here are some resources to keep you informed and possibly alleviate some stress from this global nightmare. I have included sources outside of the United States because in this era of sickness, there seem to be less emphasis on country borders and more emphasis on individual borders. 

But that is mostly focusing on isolation, in light of the quarantine that is in place in most places. Here are some more general mental health resources for when you or a loved one needs them. The following information is taken from the Mental Health LibGuide: 

You can find information on mental health disorders through the World Health Organization’s fact sheet

There is also a wealth of information available on the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) website

Safe Work Australia has an infographic about work-related mental health disorders. 

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America has many informative links on its website. They also have infographics

You can find information on depression through the World Health Organization’s fact sheet.  

You can find information on schizophrenia through the World Health Organization’s fact sheet

Mental Health America is another useful website. They have a page on how to stay mentally healthy

Stay safe, comrades. We have a ways to go, but we can do this together.

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