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In the words of someone I respect a great deal, “I’m just trying to focus on the fact that much of our world is the same world we had two weeks ago. It’s just how we have to interact with it that’s changed the most.” 

I think it is easy to say, for myself at the very least, that communication has changed drastically over the past few weeks. Where a few weeks ago, we could congregate in restaurants, theaters, and shopping malls, we now have to stay at home most of the time. The ease of a casual conversation with a stranger, the quick hug of a friend, or a big family reunion are not things we can take for granted any longer. We are all changed by this.  

And it makes me wonder about communication, and the nature of how much we are able to communicate with and without physical contact. 

We’ve all seen the articles denouncing the new digital age. But what can we do when digital reality is the only reality most of us can access (if we can even access that)? 

For myself, I want to engage in a challenge. I want to notice just how I communicate with my friends, family, and strangers. And I want to see what improvement can be made. 

I want to talk in more meaningful ways. I want to set better boundaries, listen deeper, sympathize better.  

How are you communicating in this new age? Are you finding it easier or more difficult to speak with people when it can only be from a distance? 

Comment below, let us know! 

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