Starting Monday, November 26th, John Tyler Community College will have two Tiny Free Libraries (or TFLs). Find them outside the libraries at the Chester and Midlothian Campus.

What is a free library, you ask? Think “take a penny, leave a penny,” but with books. Find your next read and it is yours to keep. If possible, bring in a book that you no longer need and share it with the community. This free library accepts any and all books. All we ask is that you try and follow a few basic rules:

  • If you are donating, try to bring a book in good condition. Make sure the book is not checked out from another institution – whether a library, classroom, or a rental book from the bookstore.
  • If you take a book, keep the cycle going. After you are finished, find a way to share the story. You can return it to the TFL (Tiny Free Library), lend it to a friend or neighbor, or donate it to charity.
  • We accept any books – fiction, nonfiction, or an old textbook. We will take any of them!
  • This library is for anyone. Student, former student, member of the community. You don’t need to donate a book to take one (or more). Our mission is to make reading as accessible as possible.

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  1. SenPerfect

    Tiny free libraries – this is exactly what is needed for those who can not buy interesting but expensive books. When I was a student, I often used these libraries. It has greatly improved and simplified student life.

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